juustbreathe (juustbreathe) wrote in alluring__icons,

hello loves. sorry i haven't updated in a while, i've been working alot and was down the shore for the weekend. i work hours tomorrow and 5 the next day, but after all that craziness i'll get to updating.

so, leave any suggestions here. so far i'm thinking lots of OC icons, cause i miss it.

we now have 132 members!! yay! so when i update i'll make some promotion banners/buttons and everyone needs to start promoting, ok?! thanks.

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hilary duff, nicole richie, and the oc is a good idea!
How about some Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers? :)
More OC would be ab-fab, I miss the show too...needs to come back. Cannot wait for the DVD in August
when exactly does the dvd come out? but ya def oc i miss that show...ive been watchin season one like almost everyday now lol! and i think wedding crashers ones would b cool too
august 23rd!!!
i'm counting the days lol.
The exact date is 8-23-2005 :)