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alluring icons<3

graphics by ____jordynhope

alluring icons <3
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alluring icons ♥
a graphic community by ___jordynhope

1. CREDIT!! you MUST credit. i take the time to make these graphics for you, and to show your appriciation i ask that you PLEASE credit. it's really not hard.
use this code to credit (take out the stars) - <*lj user*="alluring__icons"*>
i will find out if you don't credit, and you will be banned.

2. COMMENT!! you MUST comment and tell me exactly what you are taking. this way, it is much easier for me to make sure everyone has credited my work. please just take 5 seconds to leave a simple comment. it would help me alot.

3. NO HOTLINKING!! hotlinking is when you take the URL of a picture/graphic and use it to post this picture/graphic somewhere else without uploading it to your own server. this uses up the person's bandwidth who's server the graphic is on and then it won't be shown anymore. if you'd like to see the graphics i make, just take time and upload everything you use to your own server. some great image hosting sites are -
image shack, photobucket, and tiny pic.

4. i don't do requests. PLEASE don't contact me through this community, my personal journal, or otherwise asking for a request or help with a layout. i don't do requests and there are plenty of communities on LJ made to help with layouts/graphics. try them.

5. follow the rules and enjoy! all i ask is that you follow the rules, and hopefully enjoy the graphics i made. thanks!

examples of my work are here and here.

(coming soon!)

credit for my layout overrides goes to 31483! thanks so much!!
a community i love and get many tips from is icon_tutorial. alot of the textures, gradients, brushes, tutorials, etc. that i use to make my icons are from there. some specific makers i'd like to credit, whom i know i've used thing of theirs are-
metalheavy at innercitylights, awnp, meleada, wingedseraph7, filipinoz_rule, xonlyashesx, and teh_indy.
i will be adding ALOT more to this list over time, and if there's anyone i forgot to credit please let me know!

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if you would like to be an affiliate, please comment on this entry.


please promote as much as possible to keep the community growing!